• Machine weft hairs are essentially bulk hair stitched together by securing the ends of the root of hair strands together through the special triple-head sewing machines.
  • Remy Machine Weft hair gives a guaranteed natural look & luster which seems like your own hair once attached in your hair.
  • Remy Machine weft hair is temple hair sewed from top and cuticle layers facing the same direction from root to end.
  • These Wefts can be woven, glued or taped directly into your own hair.
  • TEXTURE: All texture available such as straight, wavy & curly.
  • SIZE: 8”-32"
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  • Bulk hair is loose unprocessed virgin hair tied in a bundle.
  • DEECEE Remy hairs are sourced directly from popular Indian temples, considered as the finest (premium) quality of human hair, which means the hair follicles all go in one direction from root to end.
  • Remy hair is collected in a method in which all hairs strands stay aligned in the natural direction as it grew and will not interlock.
  • DEECEE Remy hairs are single donor/ single head temple hair which brought to factory where our skilled workers carefully sort the hair according to color, texture and length.
  • DEECEE natural color & texture hair gives the best possible styling, coloring and installation options with highest versatility, durability and strength.
  • TEXTURE: All Natural such as Straight, Wavy & Curly
  • SIZE: 10”-32”
  • QUALITY: Single Drawn (No Tangle, No Shedding, Lice & Nits free)






    DEECEE Non Remy hairs are sourced from the household of India where our hair collector representative visit door to door and approach women that sell the hairs balls that sheds into comb or brush.

     Long hair is a symbol of beauty in India. So the Indian women brush their hair everyday and save the fallen hairs to sell them at very reasonable prices. 

    The collected hairs then reach to our factory in huge quantity and sorted into bulk hair strands by strands but the cuticles face in different direction. This is the major difference between Remy & Recycled Hairs, so be aware of those who sell Non Remy hairs as Remy.

    Non Remy Hair covers 90-95% of world human hair extensions market.

    Our Non Remy bulk hair is skin friendly, Lice & Nits free, also have the good strength, versatility which can be decolorized into dark, medium and light blondes perfect for the market.

    TEXTURE: Straight, Wavy & Curly

    SIZE: 10”-32”

    QUALITY: Double drawn 4x4, 2x2 & 1x1 quality as on demand.



    • Closure is a hairpiece stitched either on durable lace or silk. It is normally 4 inches in length and 4 inches wide (4”x4”).
    • The hairs are attached to lace to lace individually to offer a versatile parting for the users.
    • Closure is usually used with hair weave installation and allows you to wear a full unit/full weave without leaving much, if any of your hair out.
    • It is used on the crown or the sides to create volume with the most natural looking scalp.
    • TEXTURE: All textures available such as straight, wavy & curly.

               SIZE: 8”-32” LACE: 4”x 4”, 5”x 5” & 6”x 6”




    • The frontal hairpiece allows the user to protect the hairline from damage and providing maximum versatility for styling hair extensions.
    • Lace frontals are the most popular frontal hair piece because of their close resemblance to the natural hairline and scalp.
    • In natural hair, frontal can be sewn in anchor braid, can be secured across the hairline using a specialty lace wig tape or glued at the hairline. It also takes less time to install frontal in hair as compare to full head of extensions.
    • TEXTURE: All textures available such as straight, wavy & curly.

                SIZE: 8”-32” LACE: 13” x 4”, 13” x 5”.


    Remy Full Lace Wigs Enqiry now

    • Full lace wig is made by knotting the human hairs on a lace cap by hand which cover the whole head.
    • It creates an impressive illusion of hair growing out of the scalp and allows a light weight fit.
    • In full lace wig, the hair can be parted in the middle or on the sides also it attached to your head with an adhesive only along your hairline above your forehead.
    • It takes 3-5 days for a skilled technician to finish the crocheting process of full lace wig.


    • This is the hair that you will usually find at the beauty supply stores just labeled human hair. It is fallen hair (hair that has the roots and ends mixed up and cuticles are not aligned). This hair is processed to remove the cuticles in an attempt to reduce tangles.
    • The hair is washed with shampoo which makes it shiny and smooth. Hair sold as human hair’ is generally non Remy double drawn (of the same length).
    • TEXTURE: All texture available such as straight, wavy & curly.
    • SIZE : 8"- 32"

    Clip In hair

    • Our high-quality clip-in Hair Extensions, you can finally have that fuller and longer hair you've always dreamed of.
    • Instant length and volume.
    • No damage.
    • Super easy to use and can be worn on without professional assistance.
    • It can add length and volume to your hair within minutes.
    • Our product is made of 100 % Indian Remy hair collected directly from Indian temples.
    • TYPE: 7 pieces set with 16 clips, 8 pieces set with 20 clips, 9 pieces set with 18 clips, 10 pieces set with 21 clips & 10 pieces set with 22 clips.




    • Keratin tipped hair extension is a few strands of hair which is dipped into keratin protein adhesive to form a ‘tip’.
    • We at DEECEE hair make Tips with our finest quality of hair to give the best look with durability.
    • The tips are described in forms as nail tip/ I tip/pre bond hair extension, this does in fact refers to same thing.
    • Keratin is the type of protein that makes up your hair, skin, and nails. Keratin can also be found in your internal organs and glands. Keratin is a protective protein, less prone to scratching or tearing than other types of cells your body produces.
    • TEXTURE: All textures available such as straight, wavy & curly.
    • SIZE: 10”-32”


    DETAILS :-
    1. We source our hairs directly from Indian Temples from different part of Country.
    2. We have more than 10 years experience in hair industry.
    3. We are manufacturer & deals in wholesale only.
    4. Our clients can buy small quantity for sample test.
    5. Client can buy different quality, texture, and size for sample check.
    6. You can color our hair also.
    7. We deals in Virgin Indian Temple hairs.
    1.We accept payment thru PayPal & Bank Transfer.
    2.Because we deals in wholesale only that is why our prices are comparatively cheaper and fix.
    3.You can tell what exactly you wants so that we can send detailed information along with pricelist.
    1. Because our company is registered in different government organization, you can trust with closed eye.
    2. We have standard certificate from ISO 9001:2015
    3. Please share whatsapp details along with your name and destination so that we can contact you and chat can move fast.
    1. Shipping charges are on actual basic and depends on quantity.
    2.Our goods shipped by courier like DHL/FEDEX all across the world.
    3.Generally shipping time takes 10-12 days.
    4.Because we deals in wholesale only so we also provide customized tag on chargeable basic to our clients.
    1. We can arrange a video call from our sales office so that you can see live demonstration of our products.
    2.We do not want a deal only with our buyers ,we want long term business relationship with our buyers.

    3. You should be believe that you are dealing with an Indian Manufacturer & exporter who are proud member of government bodies like FIEO,FICCI,PLEX COUNCIL and have the ISO 9001:2015 Standard.


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