Remy Indian Hair Supplier

Remy Indian Hair Supplier

DeeCee hair is one of the leading Indian Human Hair Supplier in the world. We supply all types of Indian Human Hair Extensions in all over the world. Here we clarify that Remy’s hair is harvested hair which keeps the orientation of the tips and roots in the exact same direction. This has less propensity to tangle as the scales of the cuticles are all lying also in the same direction. Remy’s hair is not only an Indian origin hair extension type, but It is also created in China and other Asian countries. We supply the Remy Indian hair and Indian virgin hair which generally are Raw hair. Those raw hair are unprocessed, 100% chemical & colour free hair. We import raw hair from Indian temples. We use those raw hairs from Indian temples to make our 100% natural products.

The difference between Remy & Virgin hair:

Remy hair is always harvested and always keeps in the original orientation which is tips and roots must be in the same direction. because of the scales which always are lying in the same direction so Remy always has less tendency to tangle. Remy hair could never be only Indian, these can be virgin, Chinese, in fact, it could be any type of hair extension.

While Virgin hair is completely unprocessed and intact hair. Virgin hair must meet rigorous standards including never been perfumed, coloured, dyed or bleached and chemically processed in any way.

100% Natural Indian Human Hair

We only supply 100% natural Indian Human hair. There are bulk products available in the market which made through a process. These products pass through chemical processing, colours, heat and mixes with animal hair or synthetic fibres. The DeeCee hair makes only 100% natural human hair which made only using Indian Temple hair. Indian temple hair is typically sourced from a single human donor and never mixed with animal hair or synthetic fibres. We are promised to deliver the highest quality of natural human hair extension which maintains the highest quality standard in the International market.

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We collect the hair when shaved off from someone’s head part at the temple and then we tie off from single as a bundle. Our team ensures that the heads and tails of Hair from the single head are aligned in one direction that’s how we make a remy and cuticle intact hair. We use in house manufacturing technique to set that hair into a usable product (still raw). We never add any chemical, colour or synthetic fibres as described earlier. the best virgin remy Indian hair is totally unprocessed Indian hair and untreated as well. These are all cuticles intact and balanced in one direction from top to tail. The Remy hair does not always mean virgin hair but most of the time its kind of. Most of the time Remy and Virgin terms are used together but there is a difference between as described above.

We supplies in most of the places on Earth.

DEECEE Hair supplies hair extensions worldwide. The USA supplies hair extensions in countries in Europe and Africa. Our products are available on Alibaba and can also be viewed on our website. The world’s superior courier service is used by Alibaba to service delivery. Indian remy hairs are supplied in bulk. Apart from this, Indian virgin hair is also supplied in bulk all over the world. We supply all types of human hair extensions in bulk like Clip-in hair extension, Tape-in hair extension, Frontal, Weft Bundles Hairs, Hair Closures, Certain Tips, Curly, machine weft, Full Lace Wigs, Remy, Single drawn hair, double drawn hair etc.

We supply Remy or Virgin hair in bulk. In addition to supplying bulk hair, we also arrange discounts for our customers on happy occasions. The main thing is that we also have every type of size and colour available. The customer does not have to struggle for size and quantity while ordering for family or for different purposes. And if we talk about quality, then our priority has always been to maintain quality. We do not compromise on quality at any cost and supply 100% natural human hair. Because we consider customer satisfaction to be paramount.



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