Wholesale Indian Temple Hair


Wholesale Indian Temple Hair

There is a tradition of shaving hair in the temples of South India and the reasons behind it are beliefs. Indians do this when their wish is fulfilled, they donate full hair to their head. This is done in a pool. In this way, the hair of thousands of people get deposited in that pool and supplies are made to companies that make hair extensions. These hairs are collected and mixed and supplied. Apart from this, the hair of each donor is also collected and kept separate. These are called single donor hairs. Other hair is not mixed in these.

So one thing is clear that these hairs are completely natural, there is no adulteration like artificial hair or synthetic hair. DeeCee Hair imports these hairs, and with full care gives these hairs the appearance of hair extensions. Single donor hairs are taken care of separately. Separate hair extensions are made with complete care without blending them with other hairs, these are called Remy’s hairs. We export these 100% natural hair as hair extensions to countries in the USA, Canada, Britain, Africa, and Europe. These hairs are many times better than any hair extension in the world, especially Chinese products because they are natural and hence feel better.


Wholesale Indian Temple Hair


DeeCee Hair is a brand that has emerged in the last 12 years, consistently making a mark on its quality and leaving its mark in the customers. We have been able to deliver on our promises, have never compromised on the quality of our products while maintaining the world standard, this has been our specialty that is able to maintain the trust in the customers. Thus we are growing day by day and our satisfied customers are growing too. We are now one of the world’s largest exporters of organic hair products.

Continuously changing food and living around the world is having a profound effect on health, this effect is also happening on the hair, now the hair in the head of human beings is gradually decreasing compared to the humans of the last years, although Its impact is less in India because the lifestyle of India is still helping man to keep pace with nature. Hence, the hair of Indians has been found to be black, thick and strong. Women all over the world are attracted to organic hair products made from Indian hair, attracting them. Because organic hair products do not allow the feeling that they are applied separately in the head, they make themselves feel new and help the consumer not to become discouraged.


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The use of hair from Indian temples by consumers in other countries is a bizarre process but it is true and is being accepted by the people. Not only accepted but also being used by them. They are far superior to the use of synthetic or synthetic hair as it is not adverse to nature. Thus, the Indian Temple Human Hair Extension is such a wonderful product that helps in living a better and positive life.


Wholesale Indian Temple Hair

Why use DEECEE hair only?

As we said, we are continuously making progress in the business of Indian Temple Human Hair Extension and gaining people’s trust. We are proving to be able to deliver on our promises, keeping the world standard and never compromising on the quality of our product, our ultimate aim is to deliver the best quality.

Experience and Expertisement – DEECEE Hair has set a new record in providing its services for over a decade. It is a matter of pride for us. Therefore, more than 10 years of experience and a team of experts are working dedicatedly in delivering the best quality products to the customers all over the world.

100% Organic Hair Products – Remy and non-remy products made by Indian Temple Hair are categorized as 100% organic hair products. We make customer satisfaction a priority, so any kind of adulteration is contrary to our rules. Therefore, we promise to deliver 100% organic hair products.

Customer satisfaction – Customer satisfaction is paramount for us, as every satisfied customer creates new possibilities for us. We send the product to each customer as per his requirement and take feedback. Our emphasis is on this feedback is positive. Positive feedback is the foundation of our growing business.

Availability of all types of products – DEECEE Hair gives each customer the freedom to choose the product. We have a wide range of products that we deliver in bulk. This product is available in both Remy and non-remy categories. Clip-in, Tape-in, Frontal, Weft Bundles Hairs, Hair Closures, Keratin Tips, Curly, machine weft, Full Lace Wigs, Remy, Single is drawn hair, double drawn hair, etc.



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